Smiling Soul Retreats is the answer to international influencer, motivator, adventurer and consciousness coach Brett Shuttleworth’s search for the true meaning of life. Rooted in the 7 Sacred Miracles, Smiling Soul Retreats was established with the vision and intention to change lives, through the message of love, Brett's profound teachings, and the magic and adventure that each of our destinations offer.

Hosted in India, Bali and South Africa, our retreats unfold against a backdrop of people, culture, beauty and adventure that speaks directly into Brett's teachings, and enable participants to ultimately answer the question: “What makes my soul smile?” Every lesson he teaches goes hand-in-hand with an adventure that embodies that very teaching. In fact, it's the ONLY retreat where you grow and learn, while ticking key items off your bucket list.

Brett Shuttleworth

Founder & Retreat Host

Brett is the founder of Smiling Soul Retreats and creator of the 7 Sacred Miracle Framework that he teaches to thousands of his students today. He is with you every step of the way during your Retreat journey and is there to guide you towards your greatest self.

Each week, he writes an inspiring message or story for his readers and followers, to assist them on their journey towards love and inner fulfullment.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: Creating a ripple effect of LOVE across the world.


Managing Director

Lynette is the strategic leader of the company, and works closely with Brett to ensure the quality and continued growth of the brand and business. She is the team lead and finance manager, and also directs all digital marketing and sales efforts.

She has a background in Actuarial Science and Business Consulting, and was herself a participant of the first Smiling Soul Retreat.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: Seeing people attain a level of clarity & bliss that our retreats provide - I smile for every single participant who joins our retreat.


Retreat Angel & Co-Ordinator - India & Bali

Rupali is the Retreat Coordinator for the Bali and India Retreats, and supported the creation of the founding Retreat to India. As a consciousness coach and change facilitator, she ensures the consistency and optimal delivery of Brett's teachings and is the Angel in your journey both leading up to, and during, the Retreats to Bali and India.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: Learning, growing, travelling, eating, having fun & meeting all the participants on our retreats.


Guest trainer

Mark Fraser-Grant is a renowned professional consciousness coach and trainer at executive level. He brings a unique and vibrant flair to the SA Women’s retreat where he acts as guest facilitator. Mark is passionate about pushing people beyond the normal mask of their conditioning, role-play and projections, and bringing forth a deeper sense of self and authenticity. Mark is all about being real, and values courage above all else.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: When I’m so present, so in the moment with nature, that I can feel the pulse of existence both around me and in me.


Sales & Booking Specialist

Lisa joined the team in a supporting role to the sales and bookings process. She manages the administration of confirmed participants and attends to inquiries from Facebook Ads, Messenger and emails.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: Coffee & Koala Bears! - and to see people light up after attending one of the retreats.


Retreat Photographer & Videographer

Jarryd is our photo and video guru, and captures the experiences and journeys of participants over the course of each Retreat. He is an invaluble member of the Retreat team, bringing positivity and light wherever he goes and to wheover he is with.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: Spreading love into people's lives & capturing those life changing moments through my lense on these retreats.


Retreat Manager - South Africa

Tanya is our event manager for the SA Women's Retreat. She has been planning & managing events since 2006, WOW’ing clients & business owners with her creative prowess, uncanny project management skills, OCD tendencies and ability to speak 500 words per second. Even though she loves colour, this girl is black-and-white – no grey areas! Tanya is without a doubt one of the most dynamic, inspiring and passionate people you will ever meet.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: Family, Friends, Music, The Bush, The Sea and of course, making sure everything goes perfectly according to plan and seeing a clients reaction once the job is done.



Rea is our Design Guru behind our brand. She is as determined as she is short (i.e. very) – but don’t let her size fool you: When this little firecracker puts her mind to something, there’s very little that will get her off course. Having worked in the creative industry since 2004, Rea's always had an eye for multimedia design, and today she runs our creative division with passion, gusto, and the type of vision that simply cannot be taught. She’s cool, she’s calm, and she’s a creative force to be reckoned with.

  • Q: What makes your Soul Smile?
  • A: Unicorns pooping rainbows, creativity, typography, building awesome brands for gorgeous clients. The amazing life that is manifested by the beautiful souls I see every day!



Calypso is our digital marketing design agency. They are not your average ad agency, marketing maven or events company, and there’s certainly nothing average about the way they think, do and operate. Calypso is an amalgamation of creative sparks, good-natured sarcasm, design genius, brand love, and meticulous planning strategies for literally everything. Their get-the-job-done attitude ensures that we always deliver.

They do our branding, event planning, design, social media planning, copywriting, and more – and boy, do they do it well.