A transformative 3-month journey
to immerge as the luminous, empowered woman you were born to become

It is time for a rebirth, my love. It is time to unlock
those dormant gifts. It is time to kiss goodbye to what once served you, and be reborn

Phoenix Rising is a truly magical and alchemical journey to become a more embodied and authentic woman - allowing Your beauty to be harnessed and revealed inside and out!

what the program entails:

As the Phoenix falls, aflame, she knows that rebirth and renewal is an intrinsic part of life.

The Descent

Like the Phoenix, we too must face the fires that refine us. We face inevitably: death. And only through the death of our old self, can something new be reborn.

Embers of Insight

unearth the latent wisdom within your unique human design, and gain clarity on how you are uniquely meant to show up in the world - so that you may live to your highest potential.

Rise of the Divine Feminine

As the Phoenix begins her ascent, you too will rise, in divine strength and grace. Awaken to your potential, your passions, and your purpose.

Flight of Fulfillment

With renewed wings, revel in the empowerment of your transformed self. The horizon is vast, and you are free to explore, create, and thrive.

A New Dawn

With you new-found certainty of your place in the universe, you will navigate life's challenges and joys with grace, resilience, and boundless love.
Embodiment of the Phoenix
rising, reborn from the ashes, encircled in flames
This isn’t just a program.
It's a pilgrimage to the heart of your true self, a dance with destiny, and an embrace of the eternal cycle of transformation.
Opening the container in November for a small group of women to take this sacred journey together in the fields of tantra and human design - and transform their lives!
There will be a total of 6 live group coaching calls, 8 video modules and practical homework assignments, plus one-on-one coaching and mentorship.
Limited-time launch price for the first 3 Godesses.
Join us, my love, and rise - luminous and empowered - into the woman you were born to be.