“ I’m most passionate about the human journey to self-realization. I want to make the spiritual process mainstream as I strongly believe that something beyond body and mind should become a living experience for everyone in the world! ”

Brett Shuttleworth

Brett Shuttleworth's Mission:

Brett Shuttleworth aims to spread Love and make souls smile through self-realization. Recognizing the individual and personal nature of the spiritual journey, he advocates listening to one’s truth and embracing freedom as a natural yearning.

Words of Wisdom:

Brett has shared his insights with over 27,000 individuals globally, guiding those seeking enlightenment, peace, success, and happiness. He collaborates with women’s empowerment groups, corporates, sales teams, elite performers, and individuals to help them live up to their full potential.

Transformational Journey:

Brett reflects on his own experiences of being broke, homeless, hopeless, and lost, asserting that these challenges were essential for him to teach and share today. He encourages creating a ripple effect of love, leading not only to personal transformation but also positively impacting those connected with you.

Journey to Everlasting Peace:

Exploring the path from the external to the internal world, Brett believes it leads to discovering one’s true self beyond the senses, mind, and body. He emphasizes that realizing something beyond the physical and mental realms should be a universal experience, breaking the barriers that hold individuals back.

Brett's Inspirational Journey:

From a farm boy in Kwa-Zulu Natal to success in sports, modeling, acting, and entrepreneurship, Brett’s journey exemplifies the power of pursuing passions and answering the soul’s call. Known as a spiritual teacher, transformational coach, motivator, and visionary founder of Smiling Soul Creations, Brett navigates life with openness, surrender, and loving awareness.

Smiling Soul Creations: Transforming Lives Through Consciousness Teachings

Discover your truth through Smiling Soul Retreats in South Africa, India, and Bali. Join the Smiling Soul Coaching Academy, empowering you to facilitate transformation for yourself and others. Engage in online coaching and mentorship programs led by Brett Shuttleworth and his team.

Inspiration in Authentic Transformation: Brett Shuttleworth and Smiling Soul Creations

In a world seeking authenticity and genuine transformation, Brett Shuttleworth and the Smiling Soul Creations team shine as beacons of inspiration. Join a community dedicated to personal growth and empowerment.


Sharing the Impact of Brett Shuttleworth's Programs

Sales Training & Integration Coaching: A remarkable return on investment with a tangible impact on the bottom line.
Inspiring Message and Leadership Sharing: Brett’s powerful message, including insights on Mandela, resonates with top leadership—a must-hear for everyone.
Motivational Hojo Training: Love as a teaching that makes souls smile. Participants feel honored to be part of a powerful and inspiring day.
Impactful Team Training: Brett’s training challenges teams uniquely, bringing fun, excitement, and a boost to team spirit.
Hojo Training for Professionalism: Supporting a commitment to higher professionalism and staff development with Brett’s unique Hojo training.


Brett Shuttleworth