What if you could be open to possibility?

What if this could change your life forever?

If there is a calling and a hungriness in your heart that you are ready for the life you were destined for, then this is life’s gentle nudge that you are exactly in the right place, at the right time.

For those who are willing, the Inner Temple Mastermind is here to guide you on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and inner peace.

Spirituality is never about getting what you want and it’s never about avoiding what you don’t want. It’s about finding out why you have a problem.

This is the Inner Temple Mastermind.

a powerful GROUP mentorship that addresses the need for a more individual approach to your transformation within a sacred container.

It will connect you to your true purpose, guide you towards more confidence, peace and clarity, and provide you with a roadmap of how to trust your inner guidance.

The Inner Temple Mastermind is a 12- week journey of sacred teaching and deep self-discovery, lovingly guided by world-renowned spiritual
teacher Brett Shuttleworth and transformational facilitator Rupali Mahendra.

To add depth and wisdom to your personal coaching journey, you will be part of a container of 10 like-minded individuals, within the shared sacred space, who are just as committed to finding their true purpose and living a life of freedom and happiness.

Does this resonate with you?

“Not every day is going to go according to plan. But it doesn’t matter what happens around you, when you’ve taken care of the world inside of you.”


How do you know if this transformative journey is for you?

You are ready to quantum leap into the greatest version of yourself - and feel that nothing is stopping you - but you!

You are ready to break through any limitations in your life and expand into new levels of your greatness.

You feel as if you are destined for something more, something greater – and just don’t quite know how to get there.

You are ready to be fully accountable for falling in love with your life.

You are ready to step into a beautifully balanced life of ease and grace

You are fully committed to walk the path to uncover and live your truth and embrace the fullness that life has to gift you!

Here’s what some of the amazing souls who have completed the Inner Temple Mastermind had to share about their experience:

– Elizabeth Glower

“Hi, I’m Lizzy from Tasmania, Australia. My intention was to be the ‘best that I could be, in body, mind and soul’.

Little did I know in the beginning, the journey I would take, the closeness I would feel with Brett and Rupali and the friendships I would make with others on this journey.

I had always been the one to listen to others but needed a safe place to be heard, to stop hiding from myself and making myself small. Brett and Rupali could not only listen to me, live on Zoom, as coaches, but could see inside the real me, the vulnerable me, the part of me waiting to come out. Was it where I thought I was going, no, but it was who I already
was….I just didn’t know it yet!

I had to open up, really open up. Yep, I had to get out of my Lizziness, recognise the ‘stories’ I had been hiding behind to find my greatness!

My heart opened up. I was ok to BE me. With Brett and Rupali’s help, I had to find it…but now I’m going back to do Inner Temple Mastermind part 2…to become it!… My Inner Temple! Forever grateful!!”

– Pratiksha Ramji

“As we took this journey into the Inner Temple, each week we had access to a well of knowledge, love, care and support, whether it was a group session with Brett or the one-on-one with Rupali. As a group we become a family unit, vibrating at such high frequencies of
authenticity, abundance and unconditional love.

Watching each of my fellow Soul Family’s growth and development in this safe space as each of us journeyed deep into our Inner Temples was sacred and special. My own growth and the way I was held in this
space is beyond comparison. “

– Greg Coote

“My Inner Temple journey has been a beautiful process of deepening truths and the continued opening of my heart.

Brett and Rupali share their wisdom and insights which often leave penny drop moments.

Ultimately it has helped me to continue to take full responsibility as the creator of my life. I have realised on a deeper level the importance of being in integrity to my word and how this is ultimately creating my external lens that I look at life through.

The energy and love shared in the live zooms are so special and what a privilege to be witness to breakthroughs in those who have journeyed with me. Thank you special souls.”

– Bongi Yose

“My words of gratitude to great coaches & wonderful teachers – Brett & Rupali. The complimentary nature of their style of coaching & mentorship accommodates everyone irrespective of social or cultural diversity. Thank you for walking me home to find my inner temple, The Higher Self I Am.

Today I am a new creation of my own making, resting peacefully full of gratitude & love. I am one with all that is life, all that is divine &
all that is universal. I am God’s Masterpiece.

I feel blessed to have journeyed with all great soul sisters & brothers who were also part of Inner Temple Mastermind & my journey of life. I have since realised that we all belong to one family called life & we are of one creation. Gratitude for this journey!”

As you lovingly land on this page, your soul might be whispering:

Yes, this is it. This is what
I've been searching for all along

The Inner Temple:

What you’ll get inside the Inner Temple Mastermind:


Exclusive customised journey within a safe space to grow and expand your awareness.

6 Live Group Sessions with individual feedback, mentorship and coaching by Brett.

6 Personal one-on-one online integrity check-in and feed back sessions with Rupali, transformational facilitator.

Private WhatsApp group for mentorship to deepen your connection, understanding and address challenges.

Closed private Facebook Group with constant valuable interaction between group members and facilitating team.

Bonus online bestselling companion masterclass course of 21 modules to step into your greatness to expedite integration of your spiritual journey.

Digital Manifestation Diary: a Roadmap to how to manifest life of your dreams.

The benefits that will show up in your life if you take this transformational journey with us:

Shifting your perception through the Live Coaching Mastermind will shift you from victim of your circumstances to creator of your destiny, inspiring thinking about options and consequences, rather than being stuck in the past.

Developing the ability to listen from awareness, giving and receiving live feedback from a space of deep empathy, love and compassion.

Learning to step out of your comfort zone in a manner that is assertive, gentle and inspired from a true and authentic vision. This includes having the capacity to communicate and be open from a space of true Self-awareness.

Reconnecting to your dreams and building your most powerful manifestation tool, allowing you to take action from love and in full alignment with your Highest Self.

Making permanent transformational changes by stepping into a sacred space that keeps you accountable, focused and moving forward, with a sense of clarity and the ability to act with confidence, while embracing your unique essence.

Overcoming fear by maintaining clarity, tapping into intuitive knowledge, wisdom and love.

“Your truth is like a continuous roar of love, just like the flow of the sacred Ganges River. It never stops flowing in you. That's how much your truth – LOVE, loves you.”

The more you embrace a flexible, open mindset and let go of rigid beliefs and perspectives, the more you will find freedom, love, happiness, and peace.

You can spend your whole life fighting to swim against the currents of life. Or you can let go and flow effortlessly along, riding the power of the river.

Got Queries?

We're Here to Enlighten:

Dive deep into our pool of frequently asked questions to find clarity. If your soul seeks an answer not found below, connect with us at [email protected], and we'll guide you on your path swiftly.

The Inner Temple Mastermind is a unique 12-week journey designed to align you with your destiny and empower you as the creator of your life’s vision. It’s a transformative blend of guidance, self-discovery, and coaching.

If you’re feeling a deep yearning for more despite having your life together, this program is your bridge to spiritual awakening and a profound understanding of why you might still feel unsatisfied.

This mentorship offers one-on-one guidance within a sacred container, tailored to your individual transformation. You’ll uncover your true purpose, build confidence, and learn to trust your inner guidance.

Your journey will be lovingly guided by international coaches Brett Shuttleworth and Rupali Mahendra, who bring their wisdom and experience to empower your transformation.

You’ll be part of a tight-knit group of ten like-minded individuals sharing a sacred space. Together, you’ll explore your unique paths to purpose, freedom, and happiness.

The Inner Temple Mastermind offers a roadmap to trust your inner guidance, strike a balance in your life, and step into a state of grace and alignment with your true self.

Through live interactions, personalized coaching, and a safe container, you’ll shift from feeling stuck to being the conscious creator of your destiny. It’s about breaking free from limitations and embracing your uniqueness.

If you’re willing to take accountability for falling in love with your life, if you’re eager to discover your truth and embrace the fullness of life’s gifts, then this journey is calling you.


Brett Shuttleworth’s ground-breaking 21 Module

Becoming Superhuman Program

Becoming Superhuman is a 10-week transformational journey, with live guidance by Brett Shuttleworth.
This program is the ultimate blend of success principles and spirituality, to unlock new dimensions of abundance, freedom and joy in your life.

Through these sessions you will
experience breakthroughs and quantum shifts:

You see - it’s not who you are that holds you
back, it’s who you think you are not. 

The Becoming Superhuman Program will test you, teach you and challenge you towards stepping into all that you are destined to become. 

Your life will never be the same again.

Are you ready to live a Soul-Aligned Life? The Becoming Superhuman Program can take you there.

Dear one...

“Life is in full support of who you are destined to be, even if that feels like the furthest thing from the truth in this current moment. Remain faithful to uncovering what this looks like. I invite you to join us on a journey like no other, with our commitment to get you there.”

- Brett